Our Workplace

Our employees have opportunities to learn, connect and be a voice in our workplace.

Global Women's Initiative

Led by senior leaders and championed by our CEO and Executive Group, the GWI seeks to increase representation of women in leadership roles by:
  • identifying and attracting women to MetLife globally
  • offering career development and skill building for our women
  • ensuring that all women thrive at MetLife.

Programs include: 

International Women’s Day Forum: An annual webcast that creates understanding of what it means to innovate for change and what we can do to continue creating innovative solutions that foster collaboration, build inclusion, and engage our customers in the communities we serve around the world. The forum also celebrates the contributions of women globally enabling employees around the world to connect with influential thought leaders. 

Developing Women's Career Experience, a nomination-based 14-month program to help prepare emerging women leaders for more complex leadership roles and broader experiences.  

Women's Business Networks (WBNs), comprising MetLife employees focused on fostering a global community where all women thrive through career development and engagement activities. WBNs also partner with MetLife businesses to provide resources for and insights about women in the workplace, marketplace and community. 

Veteran's Initiative

MetLife recognizes the competitive advantage of hiring veterans who bring discipline, ability to lead and passion for service akin to our values.

The Veteran’s Initiative focuses on building a national community to help transition veterans from military service and find meaningful employment.  

Through programs, projects and grants, we also aid in the caring of veterans who have been injured mentally or physically from conflict, and contribute to programs that support service member’s families.

Employee networks:

MetLife Veteran's Network (MVET): Seeks to create a workplace that values the unique skills of veterans and fosters these skills to support long-term success as MetLife associates; and to build and promote MetLife's reputation as a veteran-friendly company.

People with Different Abilities Initiative

MetLife is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where employees with different abilities contribute to our business success. Through productivity enhancements, and by building awareness, support and community, we empower our employees who are differently abled to grow, seize opportunities and reach their full potential.

Employee networks include:

MetLife Diverse Abilities (MDA): Champions disability inclusion and awareness among MetLife’s associates, customers and communities; promotes a culture where employees feel empowered to reach their full potential through inclusion, representation and access to essential resources in the workplace; and where employees are recognized for their unique abilities, experiences and talents.

Our Networks

In support of our business imperative, these employee networks develop world-class talent by promoting awareness, respect and inclusion.

In addition to the networks listed above, our groups include:

Global Multicultural Professionals (GMP): supports culturally diverse talent by providing platforms for professional development and by building cultural awareness.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Associates and Allies at Metlife (GLAM): Aims to attract and develop world-class LGBT talent while benefiting the broader LGBT community and driving shareholder value.

Rising Professionals at MetLife (iRise): Focuses on providing professional development, networking and leadership opportunities to emerging leaders who are establishing their careers at MetLife.

Families At MetLife (FAM): Promotes a culture of support, understanding, productivity and empowerment for working families.

Local Inclusion Action Teams (LIATs):  Support Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in specific offices with voluntary groups of employees.

Functional Inclusion Action Teams (FIATs): Facilitate D&I initiatives for individual lines of business through volunteer committees.

Strategic Leadership Groups

Leadership groups drive our initiatives at every level of the company.

Global Diversity and Inclusion Council: The Council oversees the development and implementation of our D&I strategy around the world.

Regional Task Forces: Sponsored by the regional presidents and chaired by members of the Global D&I Council, these groups focus on the implementation of strategy at the regional level.