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MetLife Insights on the Workforce

Being in touch with the trends of the workforce is more important than ever. Understanding what motivates them can help you craft a benefits strategy that keeps them loyal and helps them stay.

Learn how employees are managing work-life stress during COVID-19 and how the right employer support can make all the difference.
Thought Leadership Report
MetLife's 2020 Employee Benefit Trends Study
15 min
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Test your knowledge

Millennials are the largest generation in today’s workforce.  How well do you know your millennial employees? Take this 3-minute quiz.

Customized Benefit Bundles
Tailored benefit solutions to meet changing employee needs

Meet the 100- an employee perspective on workplace trends

We all know the stats behind the latest workplace trends, but what do they really mean for employees?  Watch the video to hear their personal stories.

How important are Financial Wellness programs and tools to employees?
Employee Benefit Trends
2019 US Employee Benefit Trends Study on Financial Wellness
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How satisfied is your workforce?
Track employee engagement across 7 major industries with this interactive infographic