-- The MetLife Blimps are the Most Recognized Blimps in the United States --

 MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the MetLife blimp program on October 27, 2007. The blimp program, a major part of MetLife’s brand marketing mix consists of two blimps, "Snoopy One" and "Snoopy Two," as well as a celebratory blimp, "Snoopy Three." The blimps, which are the most recognized blimps in the United States, according to a MetLife advertising awareness study, provide aerial television coverage for sporting, news, and special events.

During the birthday weekend of the MetLife blimp program, MetLife blimps will be slowly cruising above, in full force, capturing overhead shots of NFL games across the U.S.







Air Time - ET


Tampa Bay,FL

Snoopy 1



4:05 PM

Houston@San Diego**


Snoopy 2



4:05 PM



Snoopy 3



1:00 PM

*Subject to change and weather permitting.

**The location, date and time of this game are pending due to the wildfires inSan Diego.


"We are excited to celebrate the MetLife blimp program and the maiden voyage of the first MetLife airship," said Beth Hirschhorn, senior vice president, Global Brand & Marketing Services, MetLife. "The iconic MetLife blimps provide an exciting way for us to promote our company to diverse audiences as well as provide a unique perspective and experience for viewers from high above."

The celebratory blimp, Snoopy Three, was added to the MetLife airship fleet for three months beginning in August of 2007 – to handle an extended blimp schedule due to an increase in activity in celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the MetLife blimp program. Along with Snoopy One and Snoopy Two, Snoopy Three provided aerial coverage of NFL games and special events across the U.S. Snoopy Three is an A-150+ model blimp with a gondola that can accommodate the pilot plus nine passengers. The blimp is decaled with artwork in honor of the MetLife blimp program’s anniversary, which includes the slogan, "Celebrating 20 Years of the MetLife Blimp."

Snoopy One and Snoopy Two are both emblazoned with MetLife’s "if" brand advertising campaign artwork. The campaign speaks to the possibilities and uncertainties we face throughout our lives – in other words, the "ifs" in life – and speaks directly to MetLife’s ability to help consumers create their own ‘personal safety net’ with guarantees to secure their future. Snoopy One and Snoopy Two are A-60+ models with a passenger capacity of three passengers plus one pilot. The structure of the airships is designed to cover golf and other sporting events, which require them to be nimble and quiet.

Annually, the MetLife blimps provide aerial coverage of approximately 60 events for networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, TGC and TNT. Most recently, the blimps have captured television shots of the US Open, the PGA Championship, the PGA TOUR Playoffs for the FedExCup and NFL games across the country. Photos taken from the MetLife blimps have appeared in print publications including New York TimesSports Illustrated and Golf World. The airships have also been featured in shows such as Secrets of New York, HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and in an ABC World News webcast feature.

The MetLife blimps have also supported a variety of MetLife events with special flyovers for clients and employees. Since September 2007, in celebration of the MetLife blimp program’s 20-year anniversary, more than 4,000 MetLife employees and clients have been given the opportunity to see the blimps up close and talk with the pilots.

MetLife, Inc. is a leading provider of insurance and financial services with operations throughout the United States and the Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Through its domestic and international subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife, Inc. reaches more than 70 million customers around the world and MetLife is the largest life insurer in the United States (based on life insurance in-force). The MetLife companies offer life insurance, annuities, auto and home insurance, retail banking and other financial services to individuals, as well as group insurance, reinsurance and retirement & savings products and services to corporations and other institutions. For more information, please visit


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