~ As the Population Ages, the Market for Long-Term Care Insurance Expands to Include Younger Baby Boomers ~

 Long-term care insurance (LTCI) has been getting a warmer reception from younger Baby Boomers. To meet this growing demand, MetLife today announced that it is introducing an innovative long-term care insurance solution for every stage of life called MetLife LTC LifeStage Advantagesm.

This new product allows individuals to match their long-term care insurance coverage to their life stage, helping to change the traditional way that long-term care insurance is bought and sold. And, MetLife is the first to allow customers to purchase additional coverage (up to double) until age 65 without further proof of insurability.

MetLife LTC LifeStage Advantage is simple and easy for both consumers and distributors. Three questions and a short application get the client started. The product can provide an affordable foundation of coverage, with the ability to increase coverage as one’s life needs change. It is available to individuals in approved states through the retail market, and to executives and employees through a multi-life group (i.e. employee groups of three or more participants).

"Today’s consumers are faced with a growing number of long-term care insurance options. MetLife LTC LifeStage Advantage is an easy way for families to plan for the future, ease potential burdens, and help them protect their hard-earned retirement assets," notes David Acselrod, who heads up Long-Term Care at MetLife.

The foundation of MetLife LTC LifeStage Advantage is "life stage" protection, offering the choice between two plans:

1)Simple Advantagesm: For those with competing financial priorities, Simple Advantage provides flexibility for clients to get started now with an affordable level of long-term care coverage and the ability to double their coverage, up to age 65, with guaranteed insurability. Similar to how some people buy life insurance, it offers individuals the opportunity to keep adding to their coverage, over time, to build up a comfortable level of protection.

2)Custom Advantagesm: For those getting ready to retire or who are already retired, this plan offers a way to pay for long-term care with a choice between several Benefit Increase Options. "Inflation protection is one of the features of an LTCI product that can add considerable value. Custom Advantage provides a choice of inflation options to meet differing consumer needs," says Acselrod.

"We designed the Simple Advantage plan with younger Baby Boomers in mind," continues Jodi Anatole, vice president of product development and marketing for Long-Term Care, MetLife. "Simple Advantage gives more Baby Boomers access to coverage that they can afford and helps them transition into retirement with a solid foundation of coverage that safeguards their retirement assets should they require care for a major physical or mental impairment.

"Individuals in their 40s and 50s have many competing demands for their money, from mortgage payments and college tuition to caring for aging parents. Simple Advantage allows younger Baby Boomers to take concrete steps towards keeping their retirement on track while easing worries around their own long-term care needs.

"Custom Advantage is geared to those individuals who don’t want to worry about how their family and finances could be impacted should they need long-term care. It is for people in their 50s and 60s who are preparing to retire from their current job after a successful career and are looking to stay active, but want the peace of mind knowing their retirement savings and income are protected should they suddenly need long-term care."

Both Simple Advantage and Custom Advantage include a calendar-day waiting period and return-of–premium-on-death feature should the policyholder die before age 70. In addition, the plans provide MetLife’s Care Coordination service, which offers support to people who are insured, including their families, throughout the long-term care process. This service can help families with questions they may have about whether a particular service is covered, or provide assistance identifying care options.

MetLife LTC LifeStage Advantage is now available in certain states and will be more widely available this year.

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