MetLife, providing dental plan administration for over 21 million people, announced additions to its dental continuing education program today.  Three new quality resource guides have been added to the MetLife program, which is recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).  The new courses focus on: 1) Assessing Orofacial Pain, 2) Assessing Risk for Chronic Periodontitis in Adults 3rd Edition, and 3) Recognition and Management of Patients with Xerostomia 2nd Edition.  The courses are available online at and can be completed for continuing education credits.

MetLife continuing education materials are available to MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) participants as well as non-PDP dentists.  As a benefit for participation, PDP participants receive continuing education credits for MetLife’s educational offerings free of charge.  Non-PDP dentists and hygienists also have access to the offerings and are charged a nominal fee for educational credits.

“MetLife is continually enhancing its Dental Continuing Education program as part of its commitment to the dental community.  We are pleased to be able to provide resources that make it easier for dental professionals to stay current with clinical and professional developments,” said Alan Vogel, DMD, national dental director for MetLife.

The latest three Quality Resource Guides include:

1) Assessing Orofacial Pain
This guide is written by Edward F. Wright, DDS, MS, associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center–San Antonio (UTHSCSA).  As orofacial pain encompasses a wide range of potential disorders usually separated into three primary categories: musculoskeletal, neurovascular and neuropathic, this guide presents straightforward guidelines for the dental professional to categorize a patient's orofacial pain by identifying the quality of the pain and history, and performing a clinical exam.  A series of clinical approaches are discussed to identify, or rule out, factors that may be contributing to, or exacerbating the pain.

2) Assessing Risk for Chronic Periodontitis in Adults 3rd Edition
In the third edition of this guide, Dr. Ray C. Williams, DMD, professor of periodontology and dean of the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, begins with presenting the most recent information available for understanding the risk factors associated with chronic periodontitis to the individual patient.  The guide discusses how risk assessment should be done not only as part of the initial clinical examination to serve as the basis for treatment strategies, but at recall as well, to determine progress, subsequent treatment and the frequency of future visits.  A critical concept included in this guide is that risk is not just equivalent to the presence and progression of the disease, but those without overt disease can also be at risk.  Also included is a description of a software system to aid the practitioner in determining risk and suggested treatment.

3) Recognition and Management of Patients with Xerostomia 2nd Edition
Xerostomia (more commonly known as “dry mouth”) is increasing in prevalence in the U.S. population and can have a serious effect on someone’s overall oral health.  In this guide, Dr. James Guggenheimer, professor of oral medicine and pathology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and professor of otolaryngology in the School of Medicine, includes a discussion of the three primary causes of xerostomia:  drugs, systemic diseases and radiation and a detailed description of its signs and symptoms.  Especially useful for the practitioner is a table and accompanying text that deals with various therapeutic options in general and those that directly address caries control and management.

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