Emerging Trends Redefine Employee Decision-Making Process

Open enrollment season is the time when most employees make the biggest decisions about their benefits plans, yet many spend less than 30 minutes to select medical, dental, life insurance, disability insurance and other important benefits. At the same time, technology changes like social media and mobile Internet access have shifted employees’ expectations and redefined the ways employees obtain and use information – including information about their workplace benefits. To help employers engage their workforce during open enrollment, implement new strategies, and optimize the value of their group benefits programs for both themselves and their employees, MetLife today announced the launch of its enhanced online Open Enrollment Toolbox available at

"Benefits programs can be a key differentiator for employers – especially during a down economy when employees are looking to the workplace for help in mitigating their financial exposure. The MetLife Open Enrollment Toolbox is a free resource designed to help make the upcoming open enrollment season more successful for every employer – regardless of current enrollment strategies and participation levels," said Dr. Ronald Leopold, vice president, U.S. Business, MetLife.

Benefits communication plays a key role in a successful open enrollment period, and there is a strong correlation between effective benefits communication, improved benefits satisfaction and improved job satisfaction, according to MetLife's 8th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends. MetLife worked with Benz Communications, a leading benefits communication firm, to create several new resources on the Open Enrollment Toolbox. These include practical guides for employers and brokers on how to simplify benefits, easy ways to make enrollment more effective, trends to watch, and how to get started with social media.

"Technology like social media and mobile Internet access has completely changed employees' expectations about their benefits communication. It is a big challenge for employers to keep up and make sure their communication remains relevant and effective," said Jennifer Benz, founder and CEO of Benz Communications. "MetLife's Open Enrollment Toolbox will put very tactical real-world tips and communication best practices in the hands of employers and brokers. The Toolbox will help employers and brokers ensure their open enrollment and ongoing benefits communication is successful."

For tips on the go, MetLife's Open Enrollment Toolbox includes a podcast series on improving the Open Enrollment experience, including programs on the following topics:

  • Benefits communication – Dr. Ronald Leopold and Jennifer Benz discuss the business value of having an effective benefits communications strategy and provide suggestions for improving employee benefits communications.
  • Tips for maximizing employee participation and engagement – Todd Katz, executive vice president, U.S. Business for MetLife, discusses a few strategic steps employers can take now with respect to benefits to make a significant impact on their upcoming open enrollment period.
  • Utilizing wellness programs – Dr. Ronald Leopold discusses comparatively inexpensive and easily implemented health and wellness programs that can encourage a healthier, more productive workforce.

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