MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) today announced the launch of its new MetLife Secure Flex Universal LifeSM product, which offers consumers a pair of guarantee provisions and strong cash value growth.

The product's built-in death benefit guarantee provides consumers guaranteed coverage regardless of policy performance up to a certain age, and as late as 90 depending on issue age. As part of its innovative MetLife Ultimate Charge Guarantee feature, the product's policyholders will also receive a guarantee of current policy charges at the end of the death benefit guarantee period—letting them know as soon as they purchase the policy exactly how much cash value will be needed to continue coverage after the death benefit guarantee period ends.

Additionally, MetLife Secure Flex Universal Life provides consumers with the ability to accumulate tax-deferred cash value in the policy. Compared to other current assumption universal life products with the same crediting rate, premium stream, and client attributes, MetLife Secure Flex Universal Life generally produces higher cash valuei. This cash value feature gives consumers the flexibility to maintain coverage, reduce premium payments, surrender the policy if no longer needed, or otherwise use the cash value as they see fit.

The new product is part of the company's continuing drive to strengthen its life insurance portfolio and follows its decision to reduce rates on its Guaranteed Level Term policy in August.

"At MetLife, we're constantly looking for ways to enhance our life insurance offerings by designing products that better meet the needs of consumers, and MetLife Secure Flex Universal Life is a reflection of that philosophy," said Gene Lunman, senior vice president of Retail Life and Disability Insurance Products. "We know that consumers want insurance policies with income protection features they can count on, but also with the flexibility to adapt to changes in their financial needs. MetLife Secure Flex Universal Life brings both of those objectives together in a single product."

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