Collaboration will provide logistical and emotional support to beneficiaries nationwide, extending the compassionate care beyond the claim journey following launch with AT&T 

MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) announced today a collaboration with Empathy, a leading end-of-life platform helping families navigate the experiences associated with loss. As part of MetLife’s Beneficiary Claims Concierge Services, which provide compassionate support and guidance, MetLife now offers employees and their beneficiaries enrolled in life insurance access to Empathy’s bereavement care platform. Through its relationship with Empathy, MetLife will provide holistic bereavement support to millions of beneficiaries and their families, following the loss of a loved one.

Insurance plays a vital role in providing financial support for families, yet it is just one of the first steps beneficiaries take after the loss of a loved one. Bereaved families dedicate significant time and effort to resolving administrative burdens—it takes families, on average, 12.5 months to resolve all financial matters—and families report spending a median of 12 hours per week on these specific tasks alone, according to Empathy’s 2023 Cost of Dying Report.

As the leading group life insurance carrier in the U.S., MetLife recognizes the holistic support beneficiaries need, launching its Beneficiary Claims Concierge Services in 2022, providing comfort, sympathy, and ongoing guidance during the time of loss. This collaboration includes features exclusive to MetLife, bolstering the insurance carrier’s continued support of beneficiaries by providing Empathy's leading bereavement services when submitting a life claim. 

“We understand the challenges that loss brings, including grief, and are dedicated to being there for our customers every step of the way – through the claim process and beyond,” said Juliane Kowalski, senior vice president, MetLife Group Benefits. “We’re pleased to offer Empathy’s services as part of MetLife’s commitment to support families during their journey and deliver on our purpose to be ‘always with you.’”

AT&T, the first MetLife customer to offer Empathy's platform, recorded impressive levels of engagement as an early adopter of Empathy’s service. These benefits, which were made available to all employee policyholders’ beneficiaries, are part of AT&T’s focus on boosting employee wellbeing.

“When a loved one passes away, it can feel all-consuming,” said Stacey Marx, senior vice president, Global Benefits at AT&T. “Grief coupled with complicated logistics can be overwhelming and takes a major toll on our employees’ wellbeing. As part of our increased focus on employee wellness, we are proud to offer full spectrum support for AT&T beneficiaries of MetLife policies experiencing loss.”

Empathy’s comprehensive care platform combines technology and human support to those dealing with loss, including administrative assistance via on-demand bereavement concierge services, estate administration experts, probate guidance, funeral assistance, property clearance, family collaboration features, and an account deactivation hub, as well as emotional support through grief sessions, sleep support, mindfulness activities, and self-care tools.

"We are proud to work with MetLife as they expand their offering to beneficiaries and demonstrate their commitment to care and innovation,” said Ron Gura, Co-Founder & CEO of Empathy. “By going the extra mile to support their policyholders and beneficiaries they leave behind, MetLife is meeting families where they are. With this collaboration, beneficiaries receive the essential and meaningful support they need following a loss.”

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Empathy is the comprehensive support system for loss, offering bereaved families holistic guidance and care for all of the administrative, emotional, legal, and financial challenges they face after their loved one passes away. Empathy's award-winning app and care team are trusted by leading employers and insurance carriers to support their employees and beneficiaries through life's greatest challenges, saving them time, money, and stress. Headquartered in New York and recognized as a Top Digital Health Company by CB Insights, as well as a Most Innovative Company by FastCompany, Empathy has raised $43 million in funding from leading investors including General Catalyst, Aleph VC, and Entrée Capital. To learn more about Empathy, visit us at

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