Apostolos Ailamakis

Being a Dad

By: Apostolos Ailamakis, Head Employee Benefits, Bancassurance & Direct to Consumer, Gulf | MetLife

I’ve always said that being a dad is the second hardest job in the world after being a mom. Balancing these roles is a constant lesson in patience and resilience.

Managing both being a dad and working full-time? It's honestly been the ride of my life. It's opened my eyes to what really matters—love, being there for my kids, and not just meeting but embracing life's ups and downs. You always hear, 'You've got to ride the wave,' but we're not all born surfers! Nobody really tells you how to do so, yet life teaches you that the hard way sometimes.

When I started my career, I was totally dialed in, immersed, focused on aiming high and working nonstop to make sure we were set financially, and our future was protected. But that meant a lot of travel and late nights at the office. After a while, I realized that I was missing out on the little moments with my daughters that you just can't get back. To add to that, it was visibly affecting them, leading me to take a sincere and serious look at my priorities.

Of course, seeing my daughters like that hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew I had to shift things around. It wasn't about small changes but about rethinking how I spent my time. So, I started carving out more time for family. At work, I set clear boundaries, learned to say no a bit more, and trusted my team to manage things when I wasn't around.

This transition was not without its challenges. Balancing the demands of work and family life required me to develop strong time-management skills and learn to set boundaries. That was a moment of truth for me, realizing that I began to delegate tasks more effectively, understanding that I didn't have to carry the weight of every responsibility alone.

It wasn't easy, but being there for bedtime stories and soccer games? Totally worth it. An unmatched feeling that is MY PRIORITY.

And let me tell you, my daughters—they're my heroes. They've shown me what real resilience looks like and reminded me how important it is to stay connected, no matter how busy life gets. They inspire me daily and are the reason I'm so driven to support causes that lift women and make sure everyone gets a fair shot in life.

  • I'm sharing this because I hope it hits home for other dads wrestling with the same issues. It's all about finding that balance. Sure, it's a juggle and sometimes you drop the ball. But when you get it right, the rewards are incredible.
  • The journey also taught me the importance of self-care. I learned that taking time for myself isn't selfish—it's necessary. Recharging my own batteries has made me more present and effective both at work and at home. Embracing hobbies that I love, like playing basketball, has not only provided necessary relaxation but also shown my children the value of personal fulfillment.
  • Here's to all the dads out there trying to do their best at home and at work. Let's keep striving to create workplaces that recognize the importance of family. After all, showing our kids they’re our top priority is the biggest win we can hope for. Let’s not forget to take a moment to appreciate the small wins every day.



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