Investing in Women in the Workplace: A Strategic Imperative

By: Jessica Vallecorsa, VP, Global Marketing Technology, United States

In today's business landscape, investing in women is not only a matter of social responsibility but also a strategic decision. Women make up a large portion of the workforce, and tapping into that talent pool will ultimately lead to unique perspectives and more robust decision making.

MetLife has been a catalyst for my professional journey, providing me with opportunities to network and grow. When my current CIO, Sonali Niswander, assumed her role at MetLife, I expressed my desire to forge connections beyond my immediate team. In response, she not only supported my aspiration but also entrusted me with the responsibility of spearheading transformational programs that necessitated collaboration beyond our team boundaries. This combination of opportunity and hard work paved the way for fresh challenges, positioning me for advancement into more impactful leadership roles.

Further, MetLife has endless avenues for personal growth. My involvement in Women in Tech International (WITI) and MetLife’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee allows me to influence meaningful partnerships with organizations such as Women’s Business Network, Black Professionals Network and Military Veterans Network. MetLife’s partnerships hold great significance for me, and I emphasize the need to cultivate a diverse range of affiliations that resonate with our employees. Ensuring alignment with our workforce’s values has enabled me to be intentional about creating a safe space for questions and nurturing a sense of belonging. When asked about diversity in our 2023 MyVoice Survey, I was proud see comments such as “[I can] speak freely without fear of negative consequences”, and “MetLife is like family”. These moments show me that MetLife is making a difference, and I am committed to learning from influential leaders who are driving equity for underutilized talent.

I’m a leader, but I’m also a wife and a mom. The concept of a glass ceiling is still a challenge we face as a society and it ultimately influences the well being of our communities. Providing women with higher wages aids in household spending on children’s nutrition, health and education in the community. I feel a moral responsibility to be an advocate that can pave the way for my daughter, and a role model to instill inclusivity in my son.



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