Women in insurance making a difference

By: Sofia Belmar, SVP Regional Head of Distribution Excellence and Product Development, MetLife Mexico

Beginning my professional journey at the age of 21 in the insurance industry, I encountered the challenge of breaking into traditionally male-dominated roles. At that time in Mexico, the corporate landscape, devoid of diversity initiatives, demanded extra effort to overcome gender stereotypes. Much like my earlier years challenging societal norms in sports, where I enthusiastically embraced activities like American football and soccer, I found myself navigating uncharted territories in the professional realm.

Rising through the ranks, I learned the art of situational adaptation and the importance of vocal assertion to secure well-deserved promotions. My commitment to firsthand experience remains unwavering. Whether through direct observation, field visits, or immersing myself in live sales processes, staying close to distribution channels and end customers has been instrumental in understanding the nuances that drive success.

In 2010, I seized the opportunity to join MetLife, a company that already embraced women in high-ranking positions. Starting as the Chief Marketing Officer, I progressed through roles in distribution and product management, ultimately leading the operations in Mexico before assuming my current role as Senior Vice President for Latin America.

In parallel and beyond my corporate responsibilities, I also contributed to the formation and triumph of MetLife's women's soccer team: The lessons learned on the soccer field, where I actively participate as a member of MetLife's women's soccer team, have taught all of us that beyond the thrill of competition, sports provide a space for self-reflection, personal growth, and the reinforcement of strong bonds—qualities that seamlessly translate into effective leadership within the corporate arena.

Starting from scratch, our team achieved a resounding victory at the Sectorial Banking and Insurance Games, securing the championship. Actively participating in the team allows me to connect with women from various departments and levels within the company, emphasizing collaboration, adaptability, and shared goals.

One of the most impactful moments in my career was the collective response to the 2017 earthquake. The MetLife team, faced with not only the loss of lives but also the direct impact on our colleagues, displayed incredible energy. We took to the streets, participating in rescue efforts and delivering essential supplies to those in need. In less than 24 hours, we established a support network that demonstrated the strength and unity within MetLife during challenging times.

As I share my story on this International Women's Day, I want to convey a message to all the remarkable women in this network: you should be proud. Your presence here signifies that you are part of an extraordinary team, capable of bringing about change by supporting each other. Happy International Women's Day! Let's continue celebrating the strength, solidarity, and achievements of women everywhere, knowing that together, we can make a meaningful impact.



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