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Our Employees

Our Employees

MetLife strives to develop a workplace and culture where employees are engaged, motivated, and inspired. Our global team of approximately 58,000 employees in more than 40 countries helps our customers navigate life across many different regions and cultures. We work to help our employees grow and thrive through our culture of wellness, diversity, and inclusion. We provide employees with opportunities to develop their unique abilities and talents—helping us deliver the products that fuel our success. By channeling our employees’ unique strengths toward a common mission, we build an increasingly successful, unified organization.

Measuring Global Organizational Health

MetLife’s organizational health survey helps us to better evolve our organization’s tools, processes and behaviors to align with our vision, strategy, and values. The survey focuses on nine outcomes of organizational health and the practices that contribute to these outcomes. We conducted our first survey in 2012 and surveyed our global workforce again in 2015. We are planning to conduct our next survey in 2018. MetLife’s organizational health is improving over time, due in part to the efforts of enterprise-level and local action teams. Our Organizational Health Advisory Council is composed of senior leaders from across the country, and uses survey results to set a strategic direction for the company. Across the world, we have empowered more than 50 Organizational Health Action Teams to champion local change. These teams help identify relevant programs and practices to address opportunity areas identified in the survey: Motivational Leadership, Engaged Talent, Customer Orientation.

Our organizational health aspiration


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MetLife Foundation has provided $744 million in grants since 1976.

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2016 Annual Report

2016 MetLife Foundation Annual Report
MetLife Foundation is proud to present its 2016 Annual Report.
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