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Introducing Brighthouse Financial

In January 2016, we announced our intent to separate a substantial portion of our U.S. Retail business—a decision driven by a strategic review of our business and the impact of regulatory and economic factors. As a separate company, the U.S. Retail business will benefit from greater focus and more flexibility in products and operations. At the same time, the separation will bring significant benefits to MetLife as we focus even more intently on our group business in the U.S. and our international operations.

On March 6, 2017, the separated U.S. Retail business launched Brighthouse Financial – an independent company focused on life insurance and annuities. The name was chosen to capture the new entity’s optimistic outlook on what it will create for people’s financial futures, coupled with its guiding principles of simplicity, transparency, and value.


Frequently Asked Questions
What was the driver of the plan to pursue a separation of the U.S. Retail business?
  • As a result of MetLife’s Accelerating Value initiative, MetLife has been evaluating opportunities to increase sustainable cash generation and direct capital to businesses where it can achieve a clear competitive advantage and deliver a differentiated value proposition for customers. This analysis considers the regulatory and economic environment in each market where we do business.
  • We believe that, as a separate company, the U.S. Retail business would benefit from greater focus and more flexibility in products and operations – in short, Brighthouse Financial would be better positioned to deliver value for customers and shareholders.
What is Brighthouse Financial?
  • Brighthouse Financial will be a major U.S. life insurance and annuity company, with $240 billion of total assets and approximately 2.8 million insurance policies and annuity contracts in force as of September 30, 2016. Brighthouse Financial is led by Eric T. Steigerwalt, who serves as president and chief executive officer.
What products does Brighthouse Financial offer?
  • Brighthouse Financial manufactures life insurance and annuities for the retail market and sells them through third-party distributors.
What happened to the products originally sold by the MetLife U.S. Retail business?
  • Brighthouse Financial offers many of the same products MetLife’s U.S. Retail organization sold prior to the separation. 
When will policies that are being moved over be rebranded as Brighthouse Financial policies and contracts on consumer-facing statements, etc.?
  • If the insurance company which issued the policy becomes a subsidiary of Brighthouse Financial and is separated from MetLife, you would likely have already received legally required correspondence and notifications. 
Is my policy still secure?
  • Yes. Each of the two separated companies are closely regulated, well capitalized, and capable of meeting all policyholder obligations.
As a policyholder, do I have to do anything as a result of the U.S. Retail separation? Is there any cost to me?
  • No action is required on your part at this time and there is no additional cost to you as part of this change.   
Does the separation change the way I pay my policy?
  • There are no immediate changes in how you pay your premiums (by whatever method). The terms of your policy remain the same and are serviced at the same location. If there is any change in the future, you will be notified about it promptly in writing and with plenty of advance notice. Please keep your contact information up to date so we can communicate with you on a timely basis.
Do I have the same Financial Services Representative?
  • Yes, and you may continue to reach out to your Financial Services Representative for questions regarding your policy or contract.
How does this impact my policy with MetLife?
  • Owners of in-force individual life insurance policies will receive an endorsement changing the name of the issuing company for their policies.
  • The separation has no impact on the terms of your policy.
Does my policy remain with MetLife or has it been transitioned to Brighthouse Financial? Am I considered a MetLife or Brighthouse Financial client?
  • The following policies remain with MetLife:
    • Group policies
    • Auto & Home policies
    • Individual life insurance policies and annuity contracts that were issued by:
      • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
      • Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company
      • General American Life Insurance Company
  • Policies issued by the following companies have been transitioned to Brighthouse Financial:
    • First MetLife Investors Insurance Company
    • MetLife Insurance Company USA
    • New England Life Insurance Company
Can I still purchase a MetLife U.S. Retail product? How do I purchase a Brighthouse Financial product?
  • You may purchase a Brighthouse Financial life insurance or annuity solution through your financial professional. These products are no longer available from MetLife.
What if I want to cancel, convert, or make other changes to my policy?
  • You may continue to do so, as provided for in your contract or policy. The same terms and conditions apply to your policy or contract. If you work with a financial professional, you can contact that financial professional at your discretion.
Is the product portfolio I currently have, which includes life insurance conversions, still available to me?
  • We will honor all contractual obligations. Life conversions are still available if your contract gives you the right to convert to a life insurance product. However, the product offerings available for conversion have changed.
I have MetLife insurance through my employer. What happens to that?
  • We do not anticipate any changes to your employer-sponsored, group benefits through MetLife. 
Whom can I contact for more information?

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