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Affinity Benefits

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Bring valuable new benefits to members of association and affinity groups

At a time when associations and affinity groups are seeking to create even stronger bonds with members, MetLife offers customized solutions to help meet their health, income and asset protection needs which may increase the value of overall membership.

Working with a nationally-recognized provider of group benefits, you can be assured that members will recognize and appreciate an offering of MetLife products. And when the members are satisfied with the benefits you offer, they are more likely to stay with their organization. Valuable benefits can not only help with retention, but may help attract new members as well.

With MetLife, you can offer a rich benefits program with ease. We’ll work with you from the initial planning phase, to implementation, to claims administration to give you a service experience you will feel good about. Members will benefit from a multi-channel enrollment experience that can help strengthen their relationship with their association or affinity group.


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