Solutions for Your Small Business Clients

Work with a recognized benefits leader to grow your business and meet the unique needs of small businesses.

We offer innovative solutions to grow your business—with benefit bundles tailored for your market—along with the service, support, and benefit products that you and your small business clients need.

MetLife Simply SmartSM Bundles. Our simple, smart bundles offer plan options designed to compete in your local market. And you can lock in pricing for your clients for 24-36 months across Dental, Vision, Life Disability and Legal Services products.

Dedicated small business specialists.  To help you succeed in the growing and fast-paced small business market, our expert team of Sales Specialists collaborates with you so you can feel confident you are recommending the right benefit solutions at the right price for your clients and their employees.

The right products at the right price. Our suite of benefit products—Life, Dental, VisionDisability, and Legal Services—gives you options and plan designs tailored for small business needs – and budgets.

Exceptional service.  From initial quote through enrollment and ongoing administration, our dedicated small business sales, service and underwriting experts deliver responsive service you and your clients can rely on.

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How do I get appointed with MetLife? Collapsed Expanded

To get started, you’ll need to complete the Appointment Application and Disclosure form, which authorizes MetLife to perform a background check.

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How are brokers compensated? Collapsed Expanded

In addition to competitive base compensation, we offer other compensation opportunities including supplemental compensation programs that recognize new and longstanding relationships. (All compensation programs are subject to applicable laws and regulations.)

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What are the advantages of working with MetLife? Collapsed Expanded

Our wide range of products, benefits expertise and insights give you the options and resources you need to design and recommend the right solutions for each client. We offer:

  • Customer-focused solutions
  • Proven expertise
  • Exceptional service
  • Competitive compensation
  • Insights and tools

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