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Event Driven Guidance

Financial Education

Event Driven Guidance

Employees faced with significant life changes may need education and guidance to help review their financial situations and make decisions. Whether it is a change of employment status or the death of a loved one, MetLife has financial professionals who can help employees through these challenging situations.

Transition Solutions1—Guidance for Employees Experiencing a Change in Their Group Life Insurance – For MetLife Group Life Customers 
When employees’ benefits change, they have important, time-sensitive decisions to make about their life insurance coverage. With MetLife’s Transition Solutions program for our Group Life customers, financial professionals can help alleviate the workload on Human Resources in two important ways:

  • personal assistance from our financial professionals to help employees make informed choices
  • administrative support through a formal notice of conversion and portability options


Regardless of whether an employee is experiencing a change in their life insurance benefits due to retirement, leaving employment voluntarily or involuntarily, or experiencing a reduction in coverage, this program provides the support employees need to make informed decisions.

The program provides dedicated support from a specially trained network of local financial professionals to help employers and employees manage the effects of large-scale change as well as day-to-day turnover.

Employees affected by benefits changes have access to a MetLife financial professional who can provide one-on-one support with important, time-sensitive benefit and financial decisions, including information on:

  • Group Life options
  • Lump sum distributions
  • Reduction in benefits for active or retired employees
  • COBRA alternatives
  • Benefits coordination due to layoffs, merger, acquisition or bankruptcy
  • Defined Contribution Plan termination
  • Retiree Group Life elimination

Delivering the Promise®–Support for Life Insurance Beneficiaries

During a time of loss, family members may be faced with the overwhelming task of making difficult financial decisions. This valuable support program offers our Group Life beneficiaries personalized assistance from highly qualified Delivering the Promise Specialists. They are specifically trained to help beneficiaries sort through the details and serious questions about their claims and financial needs.


Our Specialists stand ready to provide in-person or telephone assistance to beneficiaries and their family members, including:

  • Help with filing life insurance claims and filing for government benefits—A DTP Specialist will be available to answer any questions on the policy, assist in completing claim forms and contact any relevant government agencies.

  • Assistance with locating grief counseling and support resources—Different types of emotions and certain influences—such as the cause and time of death and cultural attitudes or customs surrounding the death—may affect an individual's grieving process. Specialists are trained to address these issues and respond appropriately.

  • Assistance with identifying important issues—Our specialists can help beneficiaries identify any documents, titles, deeds or assets that may need to be updated.

  • Guidance in planning for current and future financial needs—Our specialists’ primary focus is to deliver the proceeds of the policy to the beneficiary and provide the beneficiary with compassionate assistance as he or she decides how to use the funds.


Resource for Changesm - Dedicated financial and retirement resource

When employees are joining or leaving (voluntarily or involuntarily) a company they need help to make key financial decisions, which can put an added burden on a HR department's time and resource. We can customize a strategy that best meets the needs of a company's culture and benefits, offering group workshops and personal consultations.


Our complimentary workshops and one-on-one consultations can help employees address their financial questions and show them the steps they need to take to prepare for that transition.

  • For employees who stay in the workforce we offer Employment Transitions workshop
  • For employees who are retiring we offer Get Retirement Ready workshop
  • Both workshops can be held on-site and delivered by a MetLife Fianancial Professional.

To help new employees appreciate the value of their benefits and get a better understanding of basic finances we offer two workshops:

  • Investing 101 and Smart Money Moves in Your 20's and 30's

1Transition Solutions Specialists are Financial Services Representatives of MetLife. Certain conditions apply. Please discuss with your MetLife representative to determine if this program is right for your company.

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