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Our Employees

Supporting Our Employees

MetLife strives to develop a workplace culture in which employees are engaged, motivated and inspired. We provide employees with opportunities to develop their unique abilities and talents — helping us deliver for our customers and fuel our success.

We have made significant progress in building a diverse, inclusive and motivational culture. In the coming years, we intend to do even more to engage with and listen to employees, build the next generation of leaders and create a future-focused workplace experience that attracts and retains the best talent.

More specifically, we plan to study and expand the value we bring to our employees, focusing particularly on what we call the “moments that matter.” By mapping employees’ journeys at the company, we can identify the most critical moments to engage, motivate and inspire pride in being a part of MetLife. We will use data, crowd-sourcing and social listening to design experiences that improve wellness, enhance productivity and create meaningful connections between MetLife and our people.

Commitment to Pay Equity

MetLife’s culture of respect and inclusion extends to every aspect of our organization, including compensation practices designed to enhance MetLife’s ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce. We are committed to pay equity and regularly review our pay practices as well as our employees’ pay to ensure we are providing equal pay opportunities for equal work regardless of gender or race.

To learn more, view our statement on our commitment to pay equity.