Employee Benefit Trends

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MetLife Employee Benefit Trends

MetLife’s annual report on workplace trends

What is the Employee Benefit Trends Study (EBTS)?

MetLife’s annual report on workplace trends, the changing needs of the workforce and the value benefits play in helping meet employee needs. MetLife has conducted this study for 20 years.


MetLife's Employee Benefit Trends Study 2022

With two decades of research backed by 150+ years of expertise, MetLife’s 20th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study helps you gain a better understanding of what really matters to employees. A tight labor market and strong wage growth have empowered employees to an unprecedented extent, while their diverging needs and rising expectations mean organizations must rethink their talent management strategies and benefits programs.

Want the full study?

Get MetLife’s latest insights from our 2022 Employee Benefit Trends Study.

Interactive tool: Explore what employees consider must-have benefits to focus your benefits strategy

Filter by industry, company size and employee demographics in the interactive tool below:

Video: watch The 100 -- Uncover the stories behind our statistics

Meet the 100- an employee perspective on workplace trends.
We all know the stats behind the latest workplace trends, but what do they really mean for employees? Watch the video to hear their personal stories.