MetLife Employee Benefit Trends

The Gig Economy: Opportunities, Challenges, and Employer Strategies

A report based on MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2019

  • Gig workers: Who they are and why they choose the Gig Economy
  • What keeps Gig workers up at night?
  • Attracting and motivating Gig workers

Today, almost 30 million Americans get their primary income from gig or part-time work, constituting nearly a fifth of the total workforce. An additional 15 million workers supplement “traditional” full-time work with “gigging/ freelancing.”1 This number keeps growing, as many of the best and brightest workers turn to gig for their primary employment. The gig economy offers a unique solution that meets those desires and supports employees’ lives both inside and outside of work.

43% of gig workers say employers can offer better benefits to attract them to take a full-time job


percentage of full-time employees are interested in gig work as opposed to their current jobs


percentage of full-time employees have a secondary job


employees intent to leave their current employer for contract or freelance work in the next 5 years

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