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Find information about existing and emerging State Paid Family, Medical and Disability Leave programs.

Paid Family & Medical Leave policies are designed to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities

What is Paid Family and Medical Leave?

State-mandated programs like Paid Family & Medical Leave, Paid Family Leave, and temporary Disability Insurance enable employees to request wage replacement benefits if they are ill or injured and unable to work, or if a qualified family situation arises. Multiple states already have these programs in place and others are expected to follow suit over the next few years. 

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Why MetLife?

Comprehensive Solutions

MetLife is proud to offer robust and flexible disability and leave management solutions that are always adapting in time with new policies and designed to fit both you and your employees’ needs over time. We understand that productivity is crucial to your overall business success, which is why our responsive return-to-work and stay-at-home programs were designed to keep your employees active and engaged.

Expert Guidance

MetLife works to help you always stay a step ahead in a rapidly changing world. By offering strategic guidance and insight-driven recommendations from industry and healthcare experts, we are able to keep programs efficient and responsive at all times. 

Here are a few ways we accomplish this:

  • We anticipate and meet your needs by analyzing existing and emerging trends in the absence management space.
  • We have automatic updates that are made to administrative platforms, which helps maintain compliance with the ever-growing and complex leave regulations.
  • Our team is committed to providing strategic guidance and updates on upcoming compliance and regulatory changes in real-time.

COVID-19 Response

MetLife has assembled helpful links to take you directly to federal and state websites that relate to questions regarding

Did You Know?

Paid Family & Medical Leave policies vary from state-to-state. We understand that it's important for employers and brokers

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New York

As of January 1, 2020, New York's maximum employee contribution is now $196.72, which is up $88.75 from 2019.

For more information, visit the New York state website


In 2020, the contribution rate is 0.40% of an employee’s wage up to $137,700. This is with a maximum contribution of $550.80/year.

For more information, visit the Washington state website

Federal Programs for Paid

In order to encourage public adoption of Paid Family & Medical Leave benefits across different states, the federal government has extended a

Did You Know?

71% of employees reported worrying less about unexpected health and financial issues thanks to the benefits

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Featured Story

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Did you know that many states allow paid sick, safety, or PTO leaves to be used during the initial waiting period 

1 MetLife’s Employee Benefit Trends Study, 2018