Liability Insurance


Personal excess liability policies provide you an additional level of liability protection beyond the coverage offered by your basic insurance polices.


A personal excess liability policy (PELP) provides an added layer of liability protection on top of your existing auto and homeowners insurance policies.

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One policy package, one deductible and expanded coverage for your car, boat, home and more.

MetLife Auto & Home is a brand of Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates: Economy Preferred Insurance Company, Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company, Metropolitan Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Company (CA Certificate of Authority: 6730; Warwick, RI), Metropolitan General Insurance Company, Metropolitan Group Property and Casualty Insurance Company (CA COA: 6393; Warwick, RI), and Metropolitan Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas, all with administrative home offices in Warwick, RI. Coverage, rates, and discounts are available in most states to those who qualify.

This information, although a reasonable description of the coverage provided, does not constitute part of the policy or binder of insurance and shall not be construed to replace any provision of the policy itself. In the event of any conflict between the policy and this information, the provisions of the policy shall prevail. It is therefore important that you read your policy carefully for complete details.