Aug 02, 2023

All employees need access to legal services, but not everyone has it

More than two thirds of today’s employees have faced a legal situation in the past five years. Compounding the problem, individuals—especially lower-income and marginalized groups—do not have enough access to legal resources. In the workplace, this unmet need, known as "the justice gap," contributes to employee stress and burnout.

Employers are uniquely positioned to broaden access to legal support for all working Americans through group legal plans. A legal plan can help employees feel cared for and improve their
MetLife Legal Plans Legal Access Study

Employers can help level the playing field

With the need for legal services on the rise, access isn’t keeping pace. While 67% of employees have experienced a legal situation in the past five years, only 7% sought legal representation. Expanding access through workplace benefits may help create better legal outcomes for – and may have a positive impact on – wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity.

Insights from the report

4 in 10 Americans avoid the legal system



59% of AfricanAmericans are concerned about k

Low-income, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ populations are most impacted by limited legal access.


62% of employees who have a legal plan trust

62% of employees who have a legal plan trust that an attorney representing them has their best interests in mind


Take a closer look

Gain a better understanding of how access to legal plans can help individuals succeed at work and in life.

The DEI opportunity for employers

Access to group legal plans help employees feel cared for while helping employers deliver on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.1

Compared to employees without a legal plan, employees enrolled in

25 %

more likely to say that they are satisfied with the DEI benefits and programs that their employer provides

20 %

more likely to say that they are satisfied with the way their employer fosters an inclusive and equitable/fair culture

18 %

more likely to feel cared for

1 MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study 2022.

Source (unless otherwise noted):­ MetLife Group Legal Plans Legal Access Research