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Individual Annuities – this is an annuity you bought yourself, not an option through your employer.

Annuity Withdrawal

Use this form to make a partial withdrawal or full surrender of your annuity account (if eligible).

For tips on how to complete this form click here.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Use this form to request a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from a MetLife annuity.

EFT Enrollment

Use this form to establish or modify banking information on file. 

Change of Beneficiary

Use this form to correct, change or designate your beneficiaries.

For tips on how to complete this form click here.

Change Owner's name or contact information

Use this form to correct or update an Owner's name, address, or phone number. This form is not to be used for changes in ownership, which require a policy service request form.

Change of Address

Use this form to update your address or phone number.

Agent Change

Use this form to change broker of record.

3rd Party Authorization

Use this form to authorize an individual's access for 1 year to an owner’s account. 

Power of Attorney

Use this form to set up a POA

Certification of Legal Guardian/ Conservator

Use this form to document a Guardian/Conservator that has been appointed by a court of law for the estate of the Ward, and the appointment has not been revoked. Must be on file with a received date within the last year to honor appointment and subsequent requests.

Trustee-Entity certification for existing annuity contracts

Use this form with the appropriate contract records change form when ownership of an existing contract is being transferred to a Trust or Entity. Also used to change Trustee information. Used with Non-Qualified contracts only.

Privacy Notice - Annual - Retail Annuities

This form is a required form, to be left with the client at the point of sale. Mailed on an annual basis after an annuity has been sold.

Death Claim

Use this form to file a death claim for a variable or fixed annuity contract, non-Qualified, Traditional, SEP, Simple or Roth IRA annuity account. The form contains a description of the claim process.

GROUP ANNUITIES – if you purchased your annuity through an employer

403(b) Withdrawal Request Form - Non-ERISA

This form is for a participant or alternate payee to request a distribution from a 403(b) Non-ERISA annuity other than for a hardship or as a systematic withdrawal.

403(b) Beneficiary Change

Use this form for a change of Beneficiary and Spousal Consent for ERISA or Non-ERISA 403(b).

Change of Beneficiary

Use this form to correct, change or designate your beneficiaries.

Make Corrections to Group Participant Information

This form is for use by an Administrator to change Group Participant information (i.e., name changes, deletions, corrects, etc.).

We're here to help

You can reach us at 1-800-638-7732 (Individual Annuity policies) or 1-800-560-5001 (Group Annuity policies).