Dental Insurance

Dental insurance makes it easy to go to the dentist by minimizing out-of-pocket costs for routine dental check-ups, expensive procedures and most things in between.

Maximize your oral health while minimizing costs

Take advantage of your dental benefits offered by your employer. Open enrollment is from 10/15/18 – 11/2/18

Dental Insurance

Keep your smile and your bank account healthy

Whether you’re in need of routine cleanings, braces or a filling, a solid dental plan makes it easier for you to protect your smile and your budget.1

Routine visits to the dentist help prevent costly dental bills later on, as well as problems linked to medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease2

If you have a choice of plans, consider your oral health needs and ability to pay for unexpected major services like a crown

If you have children, consider more comprehensive coverage for less out-of-pocket costs, as well as an option for braces

Dental problems can be unpredictable and expensive. For example, did you know that a crown can cost up to $1,451? 3

Dental Plan Summaries


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Dental Insurance FAQs

There are thousands of general dentists and specialists to choose from nationwide, so you are sure to find one who meets your needs. Look for a list of participating dentists online at

You are always free to select any general dentist or specialist. However, you usually save more when you visit a participating dentist. He/she has agreed to accept negotiated fees as payment in full for covered services. Negotiated fees typically range from 30-45% below the average fees charged in a dentist’s community for similar services.4 Non-participating dentists have not agreed to accept negotiated fees. So you may be responsible for any difference in cost between the dentist’s fee and your plan’s benefit payment. 

We recommend that you request a pre-treatment estimate for services totaling more than $300. Simply have your dentist submit a request online at or call 1-877-MET-DDS9. You and your dentist will receive an estimate for most procedures while you are still in the office. Actual payments may vary depending upon plan maximums, deductibles, frequency limits and other conditions at time of payment.

A number of dental procedures, including:5 Exams and cleanings, root canals, X-rays, filings and much more.

Dentists may submit claims for you which means you have little or no paperwork. You can track your claims online and even receive e-mail alerts when a claim has been processed. If you need a claim form, visit or call 1 800 GET-MET8.

For Dental PPO providers:  Select PDP Plus

For Dental HMO providers:  Select HMO/Managed Care, then select Plan Name MET 245

1 Savings from enrolling in a dental benefits program will depend on various factors, including the cost of the program, how often members visit a dentist and the cost of services rendered.

2 American Dental Association; Dentists: "Doctors of Oral Health", American Dental Association, Chicago, IL. Accessed August 7, 2018.

3 Based on MetLife data for a crown (D2740) in ZIP code 19151. This cost reflects the 80th percentile Reasonable and Customary (R&C) fee. R&C fees are calculated based on the lowest of 1) the dentist’s actual charge, 2) the dentist’s usual charge for the same or similar services or the usual charge of most dentists in the same geographic area for the same or similar services as determined by MetLife. This example is used for informational purposes only. Fees in your area may be different.

Based on internal MetLife analysis. Negotiated Fees refers to the fees that in-network dentists have agreed to accept as payment in full for covered services, subject to any co-pays, deductibles, cost sharing and benefits maximums. Negotiated fees are subject to change.

5 Those services defined under your dental benefits summary are covered. Please review your plan benefits summary for a more detailed list of covered services.

Like most group benefit programs, benefit programs offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions of benefits, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife for complete details.