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MetLife Products

Customized Employee Benefit Bundles

Rethink the power of customized benefit bundles

Today’s workforce expects more flexibility and support from their comprehensive benefits packages. That’s why MetLife offers customized benefit bundles to help employers meet employee expectations, while also improving worker engagement, retention, and productivity.

Flexible Value


Comprehensive Packages

  • Simplified eligibility and billing solutions that enhance data transfer processes and simplify payment administration.
  • Dedicated Account Managers focus on your business to make service and collaboration simple.
  • Dedicated Client Service Consultants provide a go-to service contact backed by onboarding, billing and claims experts.

A More Human Experience


Employees are looking for more

60% of employees are seeking an even wider array of non-medical benefits from their employer at their own expense


Find out how a comprehensive approach to benefits can meet this demand

Meet the needs of a diverse workforce
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