Alabama Paid Family Leave (AL VPFL)

Alabama Paid Family Leave (AL VPFL)

Alabama has recently passed a new voluntary law entitled “Paid Family Leave Income Replacement Benefit Act.” under, Chapter 19 of Title 27, Code of Alabama 1975 with new provisions under Section 1. Article 4, starting with Section 27-19-150.

Coverage Options: Voluntary, fully insured paid family leave benefits available for insurance carriers to offer as a rider to a short-term disability policy or as a standalone policy. 

Benefits: The insurance code does not establish minimum standards for family leave insurance other than the following absence reasons.

Absence reasons: Family leave insurance may replace all or part of an employee’s income loss due to the following events:

  • Birth of a child or adoption of a child by the employee
  • Placement of a child with the employee for foster care
  • Care of a family member of the employee who has a serious health condition
  • Circumstances arising out of the fact that the employee's family member who is a service member is on active duty or has been notified of an impending call or order to active duty
  • Care of a family member of the employee who has a serious health condition due to their military service.

Contributions: Voluntary offering. No mandatory payroll contributions to support a state program.

Key Dates:
May 4, 2023: Governor signed
August 1, 2023: Law is effective (1st day of the 3rd month following passage and approval by the Governor.)

As of July 12, 2023

What is Paid Family & Medical Leave?

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