Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Paid Family & Medical Leave (PR PFML)

Disability Benefits Act (DBA) or Seguro Incapacidad No Ocupacional Temporal (SINOT)

The Puerto Rico Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) Temporary Non-Occupational Disability Insurance (SINOT) program pays benefits to insured workers who have lost their wages as a result of a disability caused by an illness or injury that is not related to employment or to a car accident. In addition, it provides dismemberment and death benefits to an insured workers’ dependents. 

Coverage Options: MetLife provides fully insured and self-insured temporary disability coverage.

Job Protection: Employers must reserve the employment of an individual for one year from the onset of a non-occupational disability. However, there may be just cause, when an employee does not return to work following the year of reserve.  

Benefits: Up to 26 weeks with a maximum benefit of $113 ($55 for agricultural workers).

Contributions: All employers, including public corporations, must pay contributions. Either both the employer and the worker or the employer only contribute to the Disability Fund. The contribution will be .60% of the salary received by the worker, up to a maximum of $9,000.00 per calendar year. The contribution of the worker may not be greater than .30%.

As of April 8, 2024

What is Paid Family & Medical Leave?


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