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How Financial Stress Is Affecting You and What to Do About It

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Dec 07, 2020

Now more than ever, we're all dealing with a variety of stressors that can have a lasting impact on our financial future, from the pandemic and fear of job loss, to the precarious state of the economy. We can take comfort in knowing we're not alone. Research from MetLife  reveals exactly how financial stress is affecting the lives of today's workforce in our 2020 Employee Benefit Trends Study, “Building Employee Financial Security in Uncertain Times.” See if you can identify with these 10 takeaways. Then, read on for ideas about how to take charge of your finances: 

Financial Stress

Where do we go from here?

Good question. For starters, think about small changes you can make to take charge of your
, like contributing to a 401(k) plan through your employer and speaking with a financial advisor about the best investment strategies for you. Talk to your family about what household expenses you can cut down on, and use the savings to create an emergency fund, if you don't have one already. Also, when it comes time to sign up for benefits offered by your employer, think about which products might help you save money in the long run. Your financial future is within your control. For more tips and ideas, visit our financial wellness webpage.

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