Five Ways to Boost Employee Happiness

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Five Ways to Boost Employee Happiness

2 min read Dec 19, 2019

In today’s ever-changing world of work, one thing remains constant: for organizations to thrive, employees must thrive too.

According to MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study, employees who are happy at work are more loyal (90 percent), satisfied (90 percent) and productive (89 percent). So, what should you be doing to make your employees happy?

Build trust 

The most significant driver of employee happiness is trust in their employer’s leadership. To build trust, spend time getting to know people on your team. Learn about what drives them, as well as the issues they face. This could involve sitting with the customer service team or providing exposure to senior leadership through small group discussions. 

Invest in training and development

Training boosts engagement by underscoring an employers’ commitment to employees and their success. Ninety-one percent of employees say that career development is an important factor when considering whether to accept or stay at a job. However, keep in mind that training can take different forms. Job swap programs, for example, provide employees a chance to prepare for the future by stretching beyond their day-to-day roles.

Encourage transparency and open dialogue

Employees place great value on the ability to speak up without fear of retribution, so those who have opportunities to share their opinions will have a greater sense of purpose in what they do every day. To facilitate this, focus on promoting and practicing transparency and encouraging open dialogue. Many employers (77 percent) believe they are fostering a culture in which employees can provide feedback, but only 67 percent of employees agree. Actively engage the workforce in conversation and then take action on what you learn in a visible way.

Foster an inclusive culture 

Diversity and inclusion programs such as affinity groups not only enable employees to showcase their “whole selves,” but also foster an inclusive culture that builds trust. Create a sense of belonging within your organization by providing employees with meaningful opportunities to connect with each other. 

Support their overall well-being

Traditional benefits – such as retirement, medical, and dental insurance – provide a safety net for employees. Now, as work and life continue to merge, employees are increasingly looking to employers to support their overall well-being. A more holistic approach to benefits that supports employees financially, physically, and emotionally is emerging and employers are taking note. Fifty-seven percent of employers – up 7 percent this year – are committed to offering a wider range of benefits, including accident and critical illness insurance, legal services plans and retirement programs with options that help ensure employees don’t outlive their savings.

The blended work-life world is here to stay. Employers who support employees in and out of the workplace with the right combination of experiences and benefits can help ensure both will thrive today and in the years to come. For more on how to attract, engage, and retain the best talent, click here.

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