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People Like Me

Helping employees take charge of their finances.

2 min read October 17, 2019
People Like Me

Whether someone is starting an emergency fund, purchasing their new home or sending their children to college, no task is too small or too complex. With a clear understanding of one’s financial goals and making plans to achieve them, the journey to a healthy financial lifestyle is just around the corner. Read about how people with different financial struggles are now on the path to achieving their short and long term goals.

1) Meet, Zach and Malin: Together, they are three years closer to their first home

Our goal is to become homeowners in 10 years. We’d like to get into a home sooner, but there’s a student loan to pay off, and we really don’t want the financial burden of student debt and a mortgage.

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2) Meet, Alexandria: When it comes to retirement, time is definitely on her side.

Personal experience has taught me that it was a good time to start planning for my last paycheck 40 years from now. My parents worked really hard to put four kids through college, and now they’re playing catch-up. When the time comes, I’d like to be in a position of deciding when I retire. 

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3) Meet, Ary and Dominga: Balancing the financial health of three generations.

I’m facing the perfect storm of health care, education and retirement. Successfully navigating just one of these financial challenges is a major accomplishment. I needed to figure out how to juggle all three and realized that maintaining everyone’s quality of life called for a well-thought-out plan.

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4) Meet, Meewha and Richard: Retirement always seemed so far away, now they want it to be even closer.

Richard and I have both been working for more than 30 years. We at least wanted to know if early retirement was even feasible. My workplace financial planning benefit helped put everything into perspective. It gives us free access to a financial planner and online tools, and includes free workshops.


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